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elle, nbc bay area news. >>> a warning tonight for americans in turkey after terrorists attack the u.s. embassy. a chaotic scene. police and ambulances in the capital city of ankara. a suicide bomber tonight identified as acevit sanly. he made to it the first x-ray machine and then detonated a bomb, killing himself and a turkish guard. he is linked to a previous terror attacks in the region. the turkish government says he was part of a radical leftist group. just last september, militants attacked the u.s. consulate in libya, killing four americans, including u.s. ambassador and bay area native chris stevens. >>> a man whose son is buried at a san jose cemetery says his son's resting place has been disrespected by the very people charged with caring for it. he is buried at oak hill memorial certainlitary on curtner road. he and his wife visit their son's grave every sunday. on the last visit, they were stunned to see all had been damaged, head stones knocked down. it turns out the maintenance crew was responsible. >> this is desecration. it's lack of respect there are some u.s. militar
in a live report. >>> also tonight, major changes on the way after the attack on a u.s. embassy, an attack that killed a bay area native chris stevens. coming up, what the pentagon will soon announce. >>> and say cheese. it's picture day for the giants in spring training. we'll take you behind the scenes. >>> good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. temperatures continue to drop at this hour. right now some of the coldest weather in the north bay with napa at 43. who will hit 32, coming up in just a few minutes. >>> new at 11:00 tonight, a battle over a proposed development in contra costa county tonight, but not the kind you might think. this pits members of a rural community against a man who wants to build a cemetery, a cemetery big enough to accommodate 150,000 bodies. now the proposed site is along camino tassajara and highland road. terry? >> reporter: yes, this would be built right there on the san ramon/danville border. and it's been in the works for seven years. but watch out, because here comes the vote by the county to see if it gets the permit it needs
patients can avoid side effects. >>> the fight to honor the bay area's history of hard work for the u.s. navy. >> that's why. i'm sorry. that's why this is so special. >> coming up, we'll tell you why one city is resisting the effort to tribute a shipyard. >>> it happened again. find out where in california people reported this fire ball in the sky. >>> and punishment after this college baseball brawl. >>> a makeshift memorial sits on the vegas strip tonight where oakland native kenneth cherry and two others lost their lives. after he was shot, his maserati ran the red light and setoff that explosion. he had a few run ins with the law and a misdemeanor gun conviction from berkeley, but none of that takes away from his killing. >> the first thing was it will get sensational ized. >> a four-state manhunt is on for the gunman who shot cherry. >>> how about this? on the way to get a marriage license and a police officer sprung into action. he arrested a robber on a b.a.r.t. train. >> a woman was yelling he has my purse. someone whipped out a taser and tried to tase help. that did not work.
a description of that second suspect. >> new at 11:00, a memo leaked to nbc news concludes the u.s. government can order gun strikes on american citizens. the 16-page memo says the strikes are an option if american citizens are leaders of al qaeda or associated terror group. the targets would not have to be connected to an active terror plot against the u.s. nbc news showed the document to the aclu's legal director who called it chilling. >> what exactly happened? new tonight, more details about that super bowl blackout. public records show the stadium's engineering staff sent a memo that warned about the potential of a power failure months ago. officials ordered tests from the 2011 blackout at candlestick park during the 49ers' game. while the blackout in new orleans and who is to blame remains unclear, we know this. it is not beyonce. her halftime show operated on a separate power generator. the blackout and of course, the game will be hard to forget. despite the loss the 49ers had a manning cal season. you see colin kaepernick. today the players were welcomed home. there was a celebration t
congress on legal justifications for drone strikes against u.s. citizens. nbc news obtained the memo earlier this week. it concluded the u.s. can legally order the killing of american citizens believed to be al qaeda leaders. until today, the white house wouldn't confirm the memo even existed. >>> well, a mother watches es r as a nanny slaps her child. what happened next. >>> and then investigator stephen stock uncovers why the same procedures might have different price tags and why the bill you get is unlikely what you'll pay. >>> and we're following developing news link tonight. a former cop is on the run. the manhunt happening now in southern california for a former l.a. police officer linked to the murder. why he could be plotting more. it's next. >>> a developing story in southern california. detectives are looking for a former lapd officer they think killed two people. officers think christopher dorner committed the murders because he is upset from his termination. one of the victims was the daughter of a lapd captain. tonight police have a manifesto that they say dorner wrote
're hoping for something special in the air. american airlines is merging with u.s. airways. the formal announcement comes tomorrow. and it will create the biggest airline. the new american airlines will have 900 more planes, 3,200 more flights and about 95,000 employees. consumer advocates say, the merger will increase ticket prices. however, industry officials say domestic u.s. airfares fell 1% between 2004 and 2011, a period that included several airline mergers. >>> repairs to the fenders at the bay bridge are under way. you may remember they were damaged when an oil tanker sideswiped it back in january. that accident put the safety of the bay bridge back in the spotlight and the cost guard front and center. only on nbc bay area news tonight, we have new guidelines that could help protect the bridge. terry? >> reporter: the harbor safety committee is set to save from fishing accidents. this is for oil spill responders from the state of california. surprisingly, the question tonight is, are they doing enough to protect this bay and this bridge? >> each of these folks is taking report
responsible for a majority of cyberattacks on u.s. corporations and government agencies. and the trail has led them to the chinese army. a security firm report out today says investigators traced cyberattacks to a chinese army facility in shanghai. the firm was not able to place the hackers inside the building, but makes the case there is no other plausible explanation for why so many attacks come out of one small area. "the new york times" contacted the chinese officials at the embassy in washington. they insisted that its government does not engage in computer hacking, and that hacking is illegal. >>> a move over, detroit. here comes the south bay. competition is forcing carmakers to look for a high-tech edge to get you behind the wheel. that edge is in our own backyard. the nissan research and development center opened its doors recently in sunnyvale. they're developing and testing some of the latest technology for cars of the future. they think the silicon valley is the exact place to find the right employees, car lovers, who are also techees. . >> silicon valley is the heart of autonomous
of the billboards in southern california. he's been on the run for almost a week. u.s. marshals say he might now be in mexico. the website tmz is reporting to have video that appears to have dorner buying scuba gear. >>> police are releasing details of a drug bust at a fair field home that led them to an unusual find. police found a baby alligator when they searched the home of a fair field couple accused of selling pot. they found marijuana, weapons and about $29,000 in cash. they were booked on weapons charges. the gator was turned over to the humane society. >>> he had a bright future. but tonight, a 20-year-old college student is dead and trying to figure out why. brandon wong was found unresponsive outside of his dorm on saturday night. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. his friend says that he attended a large house party that night. so far, the police don't suspect foul play. but they're trying to figure out what happened to him. he was studying biology at cal polly. >>> it's a tough lesson for the cal unified school district. an investigation found the district violated the civil ri
with authorities in peru and with the u.s. embassy there. friends and family are right now trying to come up with a game plan. but tonight, they're feeling pretty hopeless. i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. >>> new details tonight in the case of three people killed on a las vegas strip this week. one of them an oakland rapper. police are naming amare harris as the gunman. his arrest history includes kidnapping, robbery and sexual assault. police released this picture of a black range rover at an apartment complex. harris opened fire from the suv as he and kenny cherry drove down the boulevard. after cherry was shot, his car crashed into a taxi that exploded killing the driver and passenger. >>> police in oakland are looking for a group of teenagers who shot at an ac transit bus near 55th avenue and international boulevard. one of four teenagers who had just gotten off the bus opened fire. about a half dozen rounds hit the bus, leaving two passengers with minor cuts. >>> a successful buyback gun program. kimberly terry is live with more on the story. >> reporter:
history. the second oldest restaurant in america. antoines, founded in the mid 1800s. every u.s. president since taft has been there and that's where new orleans culinary historian picks up the tour. >> this holds around 25,000 bottles and there's at least $3 million, $4 million worth of wine there. >> reporter: back in in the '50s, '60s, when he was growing up down the street, richard simmons worked here. >> all right, that's the theme here and we do promise to make curfew because we have a couple of more days until game day, that's super bowl sound. there's so much more to bring you. we'll send it back to you in the studio. >> it's 1:20 in new orleans. >> i hope he brings back to pralines. >> i'm hoping he does bring some of that back. and making curfew, that is great, lawrence. good news. >>> let's give a look. we did have some warm wealther today with those winds that were sliegtly offshore. it was good enough even though it was only 5-10 miles per hour. 10 degrees above our average, it's one of our warmest in the south bay. oo loox r r r r r r. >> a few areas of patchy fog starting to
plan to stretch our resources thin. >> reporter: this afternoon irvine and la palma police joined u.s. marshals in serving a search warrant on the la palma home where dorner's mother lives, and where he lived off and on. the search lasted several hours, and numerous items were removed from the home. police are not releasing details of what they seized from dorner's mother's home, but they will say their timing was deliberate. reporting from downtown los angeles, kim baldinado for nbc bay area news. >>> it starts off just with a simple search. a number of rooms which neighbors all looking for housing. but the home search for goods on craigslist are getting a little more than a roof over their head. giving the term "monthly pay" a whole new meaning. stephanie trong has the story new at 11:00. >> i'm not looking for a one-night stand. >> reporter: from classified to craigslist. >> this will be my 11th time. >> reporter: joe, a 52-year-old film director who wanted to leave his identity in the dark is seeking a special setup. think sugar daddy. >> it's all day an l.a. arrangement. you are
of negligible homicide in the u.s. he was accused of driving recklessly. the charge was originally withdrawn by prosecutors and then later reinstated. carl at his brother's side throughout his hearing was supposed to be on trial himself last thursday but it was postponed so we could support oscar. today friends of riva seensteen reacted. >> decided it's him. personally, i think he deserves to stay in jail. >> and her family denied reports circulating in the press, that she had been beaten with a cricket bad that morning and had injuries. as they proceeded in court there is no sign ofs a dauld r sault and struggle. >> one more reason why that happened. >>> in a statement today the lawyer for carl pistorius said in part there is no doubt that carl is innocent. blood tests conducted by the police at the time proved that the had not been under the influence of alcohol. >>> olympic champion skier lindsay vonn is recovering from knee surgery. she says rehab is going well, so well she hopes to be strong enough to be competing in november. in a sneak peek of her interview with "today" show's matt la
will be the next leader of the catholic church? tonight, 11 u.s. cardinals are preparing to answer them. among them, the former archbishop of san francisco. today, he addressed the controversy surrounding another california cardinal, roger mahoney, and calls him for not to participate in the papal conclave. church maloney participated in a cover-up for priests who sexually abused children. >> he's the first to have said and apologized for theeres in judgment he made when they were first coming before him. >> tim lenin was raped and accused by his parish priest. he doesn't think mahoney deserves to select the next pope. >> those kind of officials, no matter what institution, should not be part of the process of any decision of the hierarchy. >> despite the outcry, cardinal maloney left for rome saturday. cardinal le vada leaves for tomorrow. >>> a bald eagle, on a joyride, from palo alto to redwood city. the joyride is over tonight. jean elle joins us in palo alto, where the eagle has landed. jean? >> reporter: it has landed safely. the eagle is safe here,al the palo alto junior museum and zoo, afte
, their online posts and bank activity suddenly stopped. today neal's sister got a call from the u.s. embassy in peru telling her the couple was recently spotted in remote village headed for ecuador. >>> to the vatican now, where it is friday morning, and pope benedict xvi is preparing to say farewell to a -- excuse me, where it is wednesday morning. here is a live look. the pontiff will ride in his pope-mobile through the crowds in st. peters square before addrsing the crowd. this will be his last public speech before his resignation becomes official on thursday. >>> $6 million for a grand opening bay bridge party. we'll see if it happens tomorrow. live pictures now of the bridge -- at least the approach to the bridge. the bay bridge toll authority will vote tomorrow on whether to use $5.6 million in toll money to pay for public safety and public access during the planned celebration of the new eastern span. that new span will open on labor day weekend. private funding still needs to be raised to bring a spectacular fireworks show to the bay bridge for its grand opening. >> if they take that
made calls to officials in israel, turkey, canada, and mexico to receive updates on u.s. diplomatic concerns. the conversation with the palestinian president, kerry said he intended to visit that region to discuss the peace process with israel. >>> coming up next at 11:00, some wet weather is headed our way. find out when from meteorolog t meteorologist. >>> this is a story that belongs to everybody and it is so cool to be able to share this with everyone. >> a trip down memory lane ends with history being rewritten. what one south bay woman found out about her family that could change about what we all remember about a historic moment. >>> real high point for 49er fans today. third quarter. the comeback under way. michael crabtree gets away into tend zone. they came back and made it so close. >>> be fast but be right. it's something every journalist strooifrs to do as big news breaks. as we all know though, sometimes accuracy is the victim of speed. >> what you may not know is it's not a new phenomenal. look into a tragenlgedy from la century. garvin thomas has the story in tonigh
sold in the u.s. and elsewhere. >>> tonight the grammy awards recognize the best music of the past year. the stars filed in for the 55th annual music celebration looking fantastic as usual. it seems they almost all followed the cbs dress code. record of the year for "somebody i used to know." mumford and sons took album of the year for "babel." and song of the year are "we are young" by fun. bay area's own symphony took home some hardware for best performance. >> congratulations to the symphony. >> won it 14 times before. >>> right now we're checking with in mindy at comcast sports neck for a look at what's coming up. >> hooir, the cal bears made one major change and pulled off a college basketball upset in the desert. and for one alum, picture per fek day at pebble beach didn't quite equal a perfect finish. highlights in the pro am next in sports. >>> the game time came out of cal in 2003 he shot at a pro golf career didn't quite work out the way he wanted so he left the sport for the working world but he could not get the sport out of his system. after jobz in advertising and real est
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